Category: Technology

  • How to Turn off Twitter Retweets with Python

    Alexis Madrigal wrote an article in the Atlantic proposing a new way of helping user to tame their Twitter feeds. Turn off retweets. I really think that he is on to something and after having tried it for a while, I wanted to code a way of doing this without having to manually go to…

  • A Temporary Internet

    Nothing is certain on the internet.

  • How to install Java SE Development Kit 7 on Debian

    Debian is a wonderful open source distro, but sometimes you need some evil Oracle to get some things going.

  • Be careful on Github!

    This is a mistake I’ve nearly made a couple of times when pushing commits on to GitHub. You are developing in your local environment, giving no thought to security and its time to commit your changes into your GitHub repository.

  • Extending the Image of God

    Zuckerberg’s Q&A Mark Zuckerberg recently held a Q&A session where the question of Facebook’s value in real life was raised.1 Zuckerberg’s answer was characterized by historical and philosophical depth: ‘What defines a technological tool — one historical definition — is something that takes a human’s sense or ability and augments it and makes it more…

  • Map a custom subdomain to Amazon’s S3 service

    Background I’ve been dabbling with Amazon’s AWS S3 service lately for a number of reasons, but one of them is hosting web resources. I have been putting up outlines from my Sunday School lessons at Church which are easily taken care of with Dropbox through their sharing options. Then someone asked me to put up…