Author: ksaylor11

  • How to Turn off Twitter Retweets with Python

    Alexis Madrigal wrote an article in the Atlantic proposing a new way of helping user to tame their Twitter feeds. Turn off retweets. I really think that he is on to something and after having tried it for a while, I wanted to code a way of doing this without having to manually go to […]

  • Bootstrap 3 and Webpack

    My time spent learning Laravel recently has forced me to take a look at webpack. Laravel uses webpack as the frontend tool of choice for compiling javascript and css files. Laravel ships with an abstraction on top of the tool called Laravel Mix that takes care of some of the configuration and makes the process […]

  • Laravel API Authentication Middleware

    Laravel 5.6 has a native API authentication middleware as an alternative to Passport ( If you are not running an up-to-date version of PHP on your servers however, you are going to have some difficulties using Password (as I learned the hard way). After doing some digging I ran across an article for versions 5.2 […]

  • Logging Email with Laravel

    Laravel provides the Mail facade (as of version 5.6) which acts as a wrapper around the PHP email library Swift Mailer. Any application that sends emails needs to have logging for send events. No one wants to go wading through Linux sendmail logs or bothering sysadmins to go through Exchange logs. Swift Mailer provides a couple […]

  • A Temporary Internet

    Nothing is certain on the internet.

  • How to install Java SE Development Kit 7 on Debian

    Debian is a wonderful open source distro, but sometimes you need some evil Oracle to get some things going.

  • Getting Started With SVG

    SVG allows for fantastic scalability and the source code behind the images is actually xml and editable.

  • WordPress Social Media Tags Without Plugin

    WordPress does great as a Content Management System, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to getting ready for Social Media. Google, Facebook, and Twitter all have their own markup schemes which really provide some enhancements to content that is shared on those networks. Getting that markup on WordPress is the challenge. […]

  • Be careful on Github!

    This is a mistake I’ve nearly made a couple of times when pushing commits on to GitHub. You are developing in your local environment, giving no thought to security and its time to commit your changes into your GitHub repository.

  • Mobile Browsers

    Recent years have seen an increase in discussions over native apps and mobile apps. But this is not where our energies need to be spent. Our energies need to be spent with better web browsers and web designs that are friendly for mobile devices whether responsive or mobile-first.